Saturday, September 27, 2008

Coffee and Tea

Hi all

During my life, I drink coffee and tea more than almost all time (in the morning, after noon, evening, after dinner, before sleep and sometimes during sleep time !!). I like these type of drink more than any thing else. For coffee, I like American coffee (Maxual House), and i like green tea, especially (Lipton Green Tea). So, American products is the best for me. I like coffee and tea because gives me a kind of power. Sometimes I feel that I addicted to them. That is, if I don't drink tea during study time or working time, I feel that I have a headache. After drinking, I relax. I can't imagine the life without tea. In my country, coffee and tea is the most popular drink for most people there. Whenever you see people there sitting together, you will find tea and coffee. However, in my country, people have a special tea maker called "Samawerd" (see the picture). This tea maker makes the flavor of the tea very good and accepted by most people. for me, I like "Samawer" more than CESL ! Unfourtunately, there is no such things in here. Green tea is also helpful for one's health. Some researchers found that green tea is good for about 15 health problems like heart problem and others. So, have nice days with coffee and tea.

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Anna said...

That is the fanciest tea brewer I have ever seen. I imagine the stuff that comes out of that is amazing!