Sunday, October 5, 2008

Classroom Structure

In my country, classromms are similar to American classrooms except that boys are saparated form girls. That is, there are schools for boys and schools for girls. In girls' schools, there is a school keeper who work as a mediator between girls's curators and school's manager. In boys' schools, there are shcool keepers, but his role is different. He is responsible for observing who came in and who came out of the school. Regarding the classrooms, students have seven classes in a day. After the third calss, they get out for brakefast time. Then, they go back to study. Some schools allow students to have their brakefast outside their schools, and some don't. Instead, they bulit snack bars for this purpose. Students are sitting all day in one classroom. Teachers, come to the class, one after one, to teach his material. During the week, there is a class for doing activities such as going to library to learn something, painting or drawing, and so on. It is the student dicision to choose which activity he wants to take. Another thing is that students wear uniform clothes. In my country, speacial clothes for boys called "thope" is uniforem for everyone to wear. However, grils wear another unifrom clothes called "mariool."In my country, there is a schools bus for girls only. There is no shccol buses for boys. So, their fathers are responsible for pick them from home to schools and vice versa. However, micro buses are common nowadays. So, if the father cannot get his kids to shool, he might make a contract with some micro bus's owner for transportation. So, at the end of every months, he gives him some amount of money.

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Anna said...

That's really interesting. Girls get public transportation...poor boys.

I always a bit double-minded about school uniforms. Part of me thought that would be cool, but at the same time, I liked being able to wear whatever I wanted.

Thanks for your interesting blogs! I hope you enjoyed this class! I don't think I'll be seeing you again(hopefully, right? You want to pass!) expect for in passing so the best of luck to you!