Sunday, October 5, 2008

Classroom Structure

In my country, classromms are similar to American classrooms except that boys are saparated form girls. That is, there are schools for boys and schools for girls. In girls' schools, there is a school keeper who work as a mediator between girls's curators and school's manager. In boys' schools, there are shcool keepers, but his role is different. He is responsible for observing who came in and who came out of the school. Regarding the classrooms, students have seven classes in a day. After the third calss, they get out for brakefast time. Then, they go back to study. Some schools allow students to have their brakefast outside their schools, and some don't. Instead, they bulit snack bars for this purpose. Students are sitting all day in one classroom. Teachers, come to the class, one after one, to teach his material. During the week, there is a class for doing activities such as going to library to learn something, painting or drawing, and so on. It is the student dicision to choose which activity he wants to take. Another thing is that students wear uniform clothes. In my country, speacial clothes for boys called "thope" is uniforem for everyone to wear. However, grils wear another unifrom clothes called "mariool."In my country, there is a schools bus for girls only. There is no shccol buses for boys. So, their fathers are responsible for pick them from home to schools and vice versa. However, micro buses are common nowadays. So, if the father cannot get his kids to shool, he might make a contract with some micro bus's owner for transportation. So, at the end of every months, he gives him some amount of money.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Coffee and Tea

Hi all

During my life, I drink coffee and tea more than almost all time (in the morning, after noon, evening, after dinner, before sleep and sometimes during sleep time !!). I like these type of drink more than any thing else. For coffee, I like American coffee (Maxual House), and i like green tea, especially (Lipton Green Tea). So, American products is the best for me. I like coffee and tea because gives me a kind of power. Sometimes I feel that I addicted to them. That is, if I don't drink tea during study time or working time, I feel that I have a headache. After drinking, I relax. I can't imagine the life without tea. In my country, coffee and tea is the most popular drink for most people there. Whenever you see people there sitting together, you will find tea and coffee. However, in my country, people have a special tea maker called "Samawerd" (see the picture). This tea maker makes the flavor of the tea very good and accepted by most people. for me, I like "Samawer" more than CESL ! Unfourtunately, there is no such things in here. Green tea is also helpful for one's health. Some researchers found that green tea is good for about 15 health problems like heart problem and others. So, have nice days with coffee and tea.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Best Movies

Good Morning

One of my hobbies that i usually do in my free time is "watching movies". Yet, my favorite movie, although it is old, is terminator (especially terminator 2). It is very interesting in a way that if you start watching it, you don't want anyone to disturb you till the end. Beside that, it looks a real movie. All actors there as well as the "extras" are acting very well with a strong passion. Selling DVDs or CDs is common in my country nowadays since the seller make a lot of money out of it. Buyers, on the other hand, prefer forign movies (especially American ones). There is a big shop where you may find a competetion within the DVD's seller. These competetion is like "buy two and get one free", or "buy 5 and get 10% discount", and so on. Unfortunately, we don't have a big concern on national films that we are making. In fact, we don't have a big industries for making movies inside the country. However, we have some actors and directors who are getting better and better among the Gulf Countries. However, my country nowadays are moving toward this industry for some reasons. One of them is to anhance the tourism since many people are attracted to theaters. The seconod reason is to encourage people to go abroad and their ability in an universality dimension. Movie's industry reflects the ability of people and the realty inside the countries besaide the entertainment side.

Good Luck..

Monday, September 15, 2008

Favourite Type of Music..

Good Morning

Today I will talk about my favourite music, which is "Classic Music". Actually, it is unusual for me to listen to music all the time. However, it gives me a kind of relaxation. I usually listen to it while studying at home or sleeping. Some study today shows that classic music are used in hospital too. The reason is that it makes the patients feel better. Also, it can be benefital for dealing with stress. So, classic music has multi-uses rather than having a fun of it.

Thanks ...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Favourite Food...

Hi Everyone
Today i'm going to tell you about my favourite food, which is called "Falafel". It's so delicoius. I like it because it is healthy and easy to be made and cooked. it is made of beans, so, it is not good for those who have G6P.D. (harmful disease). In order to make it good, you first have to put the beans in a water and leave it for one complete day. Then, take out these beans and grind them with a speacial tool until it becaomes like a dough. After that, you may add the salt and black pepper (upon your taste) as well as coriander and parsley. With the help of small kitchen piece, you put this dough in to vigital oil (in coocker). Now, Flafel is ready to be eaten with some tomatoes and onoin. This kind of food is popular in my home city. Now, I will leave you with the picture..

Monday, September 1, 2008

My First Reaction

My dearm is now real. That was the first thing i said before coming to the US. The reason behind that is that i like the study life more than anything else since it gives me the power to live, it measure how smart I am and how can I depend on myself for acheiving things. truley to say, I faced a lot of difficulties from my family and my friends trying to persuade me not to travel to the US to have a master degree. That was because I was working in a bank. However, After a long discussion, I managed to convince with the importance of learning easpecially nowadyas in the Technology era. I became so happy that I wanted to let everyone know that I'm leaving my country to study in the best place for learning which is "United State". That was really a dream.