Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Favourite Food...

Hi Everyone
Today i'm going to tell you about my favourite food, which is called "Falafel". It's so delicoius. I like it because it is healthy and easy to be made and cooked. it is made of beans, so, it is not good for those who have G6P.D. (harmful disease). In order to make it good, you first have to put the beans in a water and leave it for one complete day. Then, take out these beans and grind them with a speacial tool until it becaomes like a dough. After that, you may add the salt and black pepper (upon your taste) as well as coriander and parsley. With the help of small kitchen piece, you put this dough in to vigital oil (in coocker). Now, Flafel is ready to be eaten with some tomatoes and onoin. This kind of food is popular in my home city. Now, I will leave you with the picture..


CESL said...

At first I thought it was a donut. But that sounds much better than a donut (I don't like donuts). I hope I get a chance to try that dish.

CESL said...

This is Anna BTW (I forgot I wasn't signed in my account)

Zakariya said...

That's OK

I hope when you try it 'one day', you may remeber me.